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Everything You Need to Know About Gondola Shelving

Everything You Need to Know About Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is an attractive retail display option. Its long, flat structure echoes the resourceful approach taken by flat-bottomed boats navigating Venetian canals.

Store productivity can be improved significantly with these units by keeping products out on the salesfloor versus being kept backroom, and by branding their stores to convey a sense of quality that attracts customers.

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving are double-sided retail shelves designed to maximize floor space, enabling shoppers to freely navigate your store while encouraging impulse buys – leading to higher sales for you!

Gondola shelving also gives retailers great flexibility, as it can easily be moved around and adjusted to different heights and depths – perfect for businesses that often change product offerings as it enables quick reorganisation of shop displays shelving.

Gondolas can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, pet shops, health food outlets, drugstores, liquor stores and auto parts stores. Available in multiple styles and sizes to match any retail environment and enhance its displays aesthetically – they make an excellent way to add branding and visual interest.

shelving can be tailored to any color scheme a retailer desires, thanks to direct purchases from manufacturers who will ensure all components and pieces fit together correctly, thus avoiding any costly errors caused by purchasing secondhand or unbranded shelving from distributors.

Retailers can customize their gondolas with various accessories to enhance the functionality of the shelving system. Popular options include hooks for hanging items and wire baskets for small storage needs; shelf dividers come in handy too – and flat data strips attached directly to front faces of shelves provide customers with pricing details at a glance.

Gondola shelving units feature metal wheels which make for effortless movement once set up in stores and other locations, enabling easy transition from one area of the store to the next. Depending on their size, this may require several people.

Gondola shelving provides a safe solution for retail environments, as the shelves are raised off of the ground to provide enough clearance from the floor for hygiene reasons. Furthermore, its slat wall backing helps prevent mice or rodents from accessing it; an essential feature in food-related retail settings.

Where Can I Use Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is an excellent way for retailers and businesses to display products more attractively, including hardware stores, convenience stores, groceries, pet stores, chemists and petrol stations. Gondola shelves are made to be easy to move around and position easily so businesses can use them anywhere within their store or open space as per need.

Gondola shelves are also very sturdy, meaning that they can support heavy items without becoming bent or damaged, making it the ideal solution for bulky and heavy items like canned foods, paper goods and large bags of chips. Implementing them into your store or open space will attract customers while simultaneously increasing sales – both goals that should be pursued by any business or retailer.

Gondola shelving is an economical solution, which makes it perfect for retail stores or businesses that must stay on a strict budget. They’re also relatively simple to assemble, saving money on installation costs. New or pre-owned gondola shelves will deliver quality storage solutions for your store or open space.

Gondola shelving can bring many advantages to any store or open space, so it’s crucial that you understand some of the recommendations here and their differences from wall-mounted shelves. Selecting the optimal gondola shelves for your needs will maximize space utilization while increasing sales.

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How Can Gondola Shelving Help My Store?

Gondola shelving’s versatility and attractive displays are essential in today’s retail environment, drawing customers in with visual lures that increase sales while making stores look their best. Hooks, wire baskets, magazine racks with storage capabilities, shelf dividers and data strips all can add flair to gondola displays for eye-catching product displays that engage consumers while increasing revenue at once. Ultimately, an effective merchandising system increases sales while creating an inviting store experience.

Gondola shelving’s primary function is displaying merchandise in feature units and category aisles to maximize retail real estate and aid customers in finding what they’re searching for more easily. Furthermore, freeing up backroom space for additional inventory storage can be invaluable to small businesses that don’t have much room to spare.

Gondola shelves provide another effective use when placed at either end of a run of shelving: end bays are designed to sit on either end and allow retailers to feature promotional products or hot sellers that have yet to make it onto the main display gondola display, as well as tidy up ends of units for an aesthetically pleasing store look.

Gondola shelving is both versatile and cost-effective. Available both new and pre-owned options, gondola shelves can fit almost any retail business’s budget easily and quickly installed, saving store owners both time and money when their time could otherwise be better spent elsewhere.

As part of your purchase of gondola shelving, keep in mind that other store fixtures such as bolts, screws, anchors and tools will also need to be purchased – for optimal results, order these items at the same time to save yourself both time and hassle – depending on which type of gondola shelving you select, you will require different quantities or types of other store fixtures in order to complete your project successfully.

What Are the Advantages of Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving units provide retailers with a versatile and appealing retail display solution, suitable for almost every store type imaginable – grocery, convenience, health, pet, hobby stores, hardware stores, liquor and automotive stores as well as many others. Gondola shelves can even be configured either horizontally or vertically depending on each retailer’s unique needs.

Gondola shelving is both cost-effective and user-friendly, enabling retailers to quickly expand their display space or move items across their store when necessary. Installation can even be handled by store employees for optimal convenience! With its versatility and ease of installation, gondola shelving makes an excellent addition to retail displays.

Gondola shelves are known for being extremely sturdy, supporting heavy loads of merchandise with ease. This makes them ideal for retailers selling products that require ample shelf space or need to be placed higher up on shelves. Furthermore, their diverse color and size options make it easier for them to blend in seamlessly with most store fixtures or promotional materials.

Retail gondola shelving comes in two versions; single sided and double sided. Single-sided models feature a base with vertical spines and cantilevered shelves that resemble an L shape when seen from the front; their back walls may include various materials like slatwall or gridwall for easy maintenance and display purposes.

Double sided gondolas feature bases on both sides and can be configured into H, T or island displays. They are typically installed facing away from a wall with slots incorporated into their uprights to facilitate shelving placement for merchandising purposes.

Gondola shelving’s other advantage lies in its easy conversion to point of purchase (POP) displays, making them invaluable tools for retailers looking to attract customers and increase product sales through targeted displays of specific items on their retail shelves. Gondola endcaps can help retailers highlight new or exciting offerings or special promotions on their retail shelves and increase front end sales.