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Renting a Used Piano – Essentials to Keep in Mind When Picking

Renting a Used Piano – Essentials to Keep in Mind When Picking

The importance of renting a piano is well demonstrated in the few words that are often used to define the art of this genre: “Rent a piano”. A common misconception about this genre is that it somehow implies borrowing, or renting rather than investing.

However, by definition renting is purchasing. So, why is this so? Well, the first step is to understand the concept of renting a piano: when an individual or family wishes to purchase a piano for personal use or perhaps as a backup for their regular fixed investment.

Then, they will seek out the services of a Piano Rental Company. In this instance, the roles are reversed and the piano movers are the ones seeking out the customers (Piano Rentals). However, before you even start to explore the options available to you with regard to renting a piano – remember that this is business.

A Piano Rental Company offers various services. For example, a Piano Rental Company might provide a rental agreement – which outlines all terms and conditions associated with the rental arrangement. They may also provide a pre-arranged pick up and delivery of your piano to your intended location – at your expense.

Many movers also offer cleaning and repair of pianos, at your expense – in addition to this, some may offer additional services such as tuning (within reason), tuning by a professional, tuning pads, registration of each piece, and much more. A Piano Rental Company may also offer additional equipment such as cases and accessories.

There are two main types of Piano Rental Companies: Full-Service Companies and Discount Mover Companies. A Full-Service Company will usually supply a large variety of pianos at competitive prices and charge a flat rate for rental terms. This includes both new and used pianos.

If you need a particular kind of piano, the company will be able to rent to you. However, the customer service provided by the company is somewhat lacking. Discount movers generally offer just one kind of piano – for example, a grand piano.

However, they will usually allow the customer to rent several different kinds of pianos at a discounted rate, depending on the quantity rented. These discount movers are great if you have a special occasion coming up such as a birthday or anniversary and need to rent a piano quickly.

Discount movers usually take very short notice of an upcoming event, so it may be difficult to get a hold of them in a time of crisis. Both discount piano rental companies and full-service companies have their advantages and disadvantages.

Full-Service piano rental companies are more reliable than discount movers. However, there is no guarantee that they will be available at your desired date and time – it can sometimes be difficult to even get a hold of them in an emergency.

The other disadvantage is that they are more expensive than the discount variety. This price increase is generally minimal, however. The price of renting a piano is typically around two hundred dollars per month – depending on the type and year of the instrument. Check this price to rent an upright piano.

There are some good sources for renting pianos online. Most notably, Craigslist has an online classified section that includes information about pianos and for sale. Other websites include A.R.C. Piano Rentals, which has listings of local piano-rental agencies in the area.

If you decide to rent a piano, make sure to check out your options thoroughly. There are many different kinds of pianos and many different models. It’s not necessary to go with the cheapest model if it doesn’t suit your needs, but it is critical to carefully research your options before you choose which piano to rent.

Piano renting can be an exciting and rewarding part of owning musical instruments, but it can also be a challenging experience.